• Vintage Stave Wine Barrel Flooring


    Stave Flooring is purchased in 24 Square Foot Bundles.

    $22.00 per sq ft.

    Add old world charm with reclaimed wine barrel features direct from wine country. We reclaim wine barrels from the Napa Valley to create furniture, tabletops, wall & ceiling paneling and beautiful flooring. This product brings character of your home. Each piece of wood is a custom work of art. No two wooden planks are identical!

    The “Stave series” displays the wood from the outer side of the wine barrel where the hoops have been removed, integrating the distinct hoop markings.

        •    Reclaimed barrels provide real old world charm and individuality
        •    Engineered flooring is pre-finished on the face
        •    Stave material is from the outer sides of the barrel, with clear markings from the barrel hoops 
        •    Installation is Tongue and Groove style

    Lengths:     Random lengths (up to 24”)
    Widths:      1-1/2" to 3”
    Thickness:  5/8"

    The flooring finish is applied by hand, and the material is made from FSC Baltic Birch and reclaimed wine barrels. The topcoat of the finish is applied at the factory.

    If you have any questions about our Vintage Wine Barrel Flooring, please call Rhino Wine Cellars for assistance at 425-226-2500.