• Redrack Curved Corner - 4 Column F-04B

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    California redwood modular wine racks are perfect for someone who wants wine racking at bargain prices. As your wine collection grows, you may add additional modular wine racks to fill in available space. The ready-to-ship redwood modular racking kits are available in 9 different rack styles and in 2 different racking heights. 

    The F-04 curved corner - 4 column wine rack was designed to be used with modular wine racking kits attached to either side. If you want the corner wine rack to stand-alone then you will need to buy and install hardware “2” quantity of F-22C to make the racks secure. Please note that brackets do not come with the F-04 curved corner racking kit to attach it to the wall. 

    If you need single columns for your wine cellar this 4 column curved corner rack is also often separated to produce filler columns.  Each F-04 curved corner - 4 column rack consists of 4 separate single columns. When the corner connector brackets are set aside you may use the columns as single columns.  Each column is 4 1/2" wide.  You should also buy “4” F- 22C brackets with each F-04 if you would like to use the 4 columns as single column fillers. 

    Dimensions: 19 1/2"W x 48"H x 9"D  

    Additional Information: Easy to install, the wine rack vertical ladders come with bottle supports already attached. The horizontal braces have notches, which fit into the notches on the pre-assembled vertical ladders. All hardware is included for easy assembly and attaching the racking to the wall. It is best to use a brad nail gun to assemble the wine racks, instead of using the nails supplied with the wine rack kit. A brad nail gun will make the installation process quicker, easier, and also provide a smoother finish to the modular racks. Please note that these wine racks are not freestanding racks. The modular wine racks must be fastened to the wall for stability and support of your wine collection.

    We are able to help with the design plan for your wine racks to make your cellar look its finest. Contact us or refer to our Resource Library for helpful wine cellar construction, design, and installation tips.