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Doug M Smith has been a world renowned designer of custom wine cellars for over 25 years.  He was the Founder and Chief Design Architect for the original Apex Wine Cellars Company from 1987 to 2010 before it was acquired by another firm.  The new ownership group changed the management team and as a result changed the culture from what he originally founded so he chose to pursue other opportunities in the wine industry. During his time at Apex, Doug successfully designed and built over 20,000 wine cellars in all parts of the world.  Clients from Europe, Asia, Middle East, Dubai, South America, and all 50 US States have hired him as the chief wine cellar design consultant for their private home, restaurants and country clubs projects. Doug is an expert at taking a project from initial concepts to beautiful finished wine storage spaces. No matter what the room size or budget, Doug’s creative instincts and natural abilities to uniquely store wine collections always exceed his client’s highest expectations.  

Since leaving Apex Wine Cellars, Doug Smith became the Founder of Rhino Wine Cellars and Cooling Systems. Doug also oversees Business Development for one of the leading wine cooling manufactures in the world. This valuable expertise in wine cellar design, manufacturing, and climate control systems is available to assist you. The Rhino Wine Cellars design team provides free, state-of-the art 3D CAD designs and renderings for your beautiful custom cellar. Doug Smith has established relationships with partners that are experts in their own unique areas.  This will allow the Rhino Cellar Design/Build and E-Commerce Division to offer clients expertise that is unmatched anywhere in the world to create custom wine cellars; cooling systems; doors; free standing climate controlled cabinets and private lockers; and offer wine accessories and furniture that Doug Smith and his partners have found during their extensive travels around the world. 

It took over 25 years to gain the knowledge and expertise to create Rhino Wine Cellars and Cooling Systems. Doug Smith and his partners are excited to share their expertise and talents with you.